Tilray Investors Experience Downside "Bloodbath"

Tilray Brands (TLRY), a producer of cannabis-based wellness and recreational products, was a high-flying stock until it began a multi-year downside that took many of its investors to the "woodshed".

The stock's weekly close fell from a peak of $29.21 on February 19, 2021 to a low of $1.52 on June 23, 2023, a 94.80% decline.


3D Chart of All Buy and Sell Returns

But the large red area of unprofitable returns shown on the following 3D chart of the 28,680 buy and sell percent returns based on weekly closes tells the real story of the collapse of the stock. During the 240-week period from October 18, 2019 through May 15, 2024 only 4,547 (15.85%) buy and sell returns made money (green areas) and 24,133 (84.15%) lost money (red areas) making the ratio of unprofitable returns to profitable returns 5.31.

In addition, a total of 15,375 buy and sell returns were losses of 50 percent or more. And 1,154 buy and sell returns were losses of 90 percent or more.

The largest profitable return was 700.27%. The largest loss was 94.80%. The average return was a loss of 35.79%.

The pattern of profitable and unprofitable returns resulted from the multi- price downside after the price peaked in 2021. It's inevitable than most returns result from buying high and selling lower with such a price trend, Occasionally, short-live price rallies yield profitable returns, but as the return data show the majority of returns were losses.

Return Chart for All Weekly Buy Dates

Another way to look at buy and sell returns is to examine the returns associated with every weekly buy date and its price. For each buy date the percent return is computed using the current weekly closing price. The chart below shows 239 returns. Only 30 (12.55%) returns were profitable (green vertical lines) and 209 (87.45%) were unprofitable (red vertical lines).

This set of mostly negative returns is another measure that demonstrates the losses endured by TLRY investors.


Important Lesson

Beware of the price downside.

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