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Stock 3d Percent Returns Chart: Skillz Makes Money for Early Investors

Skillz (SKLZ), a mobile games platform, traded between $10 and $15 for its first seven months and then shot up to a peak of $43.72. Even with a sharp downside that followed the peak, early investors still made money because prices stabilized around $15.


3D Percent Returns Chart

The 3D percent returns chart shows the gains and losses for the weekly buy and sell returns from May 8, 2020 through June 25, 2021.

The green areas represent the profitable returns and the red areas represent the unprofitable returns. Of the 1,770 buy and sell returns 1,433 (80.96%) made money and 337 (19.04%) did not.

The maximum return was 337.2% resulting from buying on the May 8, 2020 weekly close at $10 and selling on February 5, 2021 weekly close at $43.72.


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