Stock Return Analyzer - See Detail Information about Stock Returns

Use the Stock Return Analyzer to see an in-depth presentation of percent and annualized returns for all buy and sell combinations for 1-year, 5-year, 10-year, 20-year and all years period for any stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Alpha Vantage. Some stocks traded on non-U.S. exchanges are also supported. Indexes are not supported.

The first output table of the Analyzer shows the number of buy and sell percent returns for up to twenty five percent return categories, average percent return for each category and average years held for each category. To see detailed data for each buy and sell return click on the link associated with a return category.

The Analyzer gives you access to thousands of pieces of return data. For example, 20 years of monthly data generates 28,680 returns.

Stock Return Analyzer
Stock Symbol:
Return Period: 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years 20 Years All Years

All monthly closing prices are adjusted for splits and dividends. Therefore, the returns incorporate dividend reinvestment.

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