Electric Vehicle Stocks: Percent Return (A-Z)

Here is a table of 100-day percent returns for the electric vehicle stocks included in the electric vehicle database. The stocks are listed in alphabetical order

42 Electric Vechicle Stocks

Stock & Current Value Chart

Percent Return

Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp.-25.78%
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp.-29.91%
Beam Global-26.22%
Blink Charging8.14%
BYD Company30.22%
BYD Company29.39%
ChargePoint Holdings-9.85%
Churchill Capital Corp IV97.38%
CIIG Merger115.35%
Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition3.52%
DPW Holdings-33.33%
Electrameccanica Vehicles-25.88%
Forum Merger III Corporation-19.49%
GreenPower Motor Company-29.08%
Hyliion Holdings-36.56%
Kandi Technologies Group-36.30%
Li Auto7.93%
Lordstown Motors-52.23%
Magna International-14.44%
Mullen Automotive-38.88%
Newborn Acquisition Corp.56.45%
NextGen Acquisition Corporation-10.99%
NIO Limited-14.79%
Niu Technologies-36.49%
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp.5.00%
Peridot Acquisition Corp4.49%
Property Solutions Acquisition-52.59%
Romeo Power-48.69%
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp.-22.51%
Tuscan Holdings Corp.-34.35%
Workhorse Group-56.71%
XL Fleet-39.68%
Results use daily closing prices from Alpha Vantage as of Dec-02-2021

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