GameStop June 3 - June 7 Returns Were Volatile

GameStop (GME) prices were on a roller coaster ride from June 3, 2024 through June 7, 2024. Prices traded as high as $47.77 and as low as $25.93.

3D Chart of All Buy any Sell Returns

The following 3D chart of buy and sell percent returns for June 3 through June 7 is based in 130 15-minute price intervals for five regular market sessions.

For that five-day period there were 8,385 buy and sell percent returns. 5,492 (65.50%) buy and sell returns made money (green areas) and 2,893 (34.50%) lost money (red areas). The ratio of profitable returns to unprofitable returns was 1.898.

The largest gain was 84.23% and the largest loss was 42.43%. The average return was 9.53%.

Important Lesson

Volatile prices lead to volatile returns.

See GameStop June 3 Trade was Unprofitable for Most Traders.

See GameStop June 3 - June 14 Unprofitable Returns Outnumbered Profitable Returns.

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