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Portfolio of High-Yield Residential and Commercial Mortgage REITs

The following 16 real estate investment trusts (REITs) invest in mortgage loans, mortgage-backed securities, and other real estate-related debt investments.

These stocks are interest rate sensitive and their prices can be volatile.

Residential and Commercial Mortgage REITs
Annual Dividend & Yield
Recent Dividends
1-Yr Price Chart
AG Mortgage Investment Trust
1.90 (9.82%)
American Capital Agency
2.16 (10.14%)
Annaly Capital Management
1.20 (9.72%)
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation
0.60 (9.95%)
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance
1.84 (10.11%)
Blackstone Mortgage Trust
2.48 (7.95%)
Capstead Mortgage Corporation
0.84 (8.61%)
Chimera Investment
2.00 (10.47%)
Dynex Capital
0.72 (10.08%)
Invesco Mortgage Capital
1.60 (9.36%)
MFA Financial
0.80 (9.06%)
New York Mortgage Trust
0.80 (12.92%)
PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust
1.88 (10.74%)
Starwood Property Trust
1.92 (8.61%)
Two Harbors Investment
1.04 (10.37%)
Western Asset Mortgage Capital
1.24 (11.81%)
Dividend yield data from Yahoo! Finance as of Aug-12-2017. Price and dividend data from Quandl.

Customize your own Portfolio of Residential and Commercial Mortgage REITs using stocks from the above table. See returns for specified combinations of stocks for specified durations.

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