Stock Return/Purchase Date Calculator for the S&P 500 - Buying on Price Dips is Profitable

Use the calculator to see how buy-and-hold investing has performed for a specified investing period for the S&P 500 using inflation-adjusted monthly price data from Yale University economist Robert Shiller. Inflation-adjusted monthly prices are from January 1905 through the present.

The calculator displays a chart of percent returns for a selected period for a given stock highlighting the profitable investment dates in green and the unprofitable ones in red.

The chart shows the percent return of each buy-and-hold investment for a period of purchase dates that you specify on the input form below. The percent return for each purchase date is computed using the following formula:

Percent return = ((Current closing price - Purchase date closing price) / Purchase date closing price) * 100

The current closing price is updated once each so month so it may not be the same as the actual current daily close.

The calculator assumes that the stock has been held since the purchase date so the percent return is valued as of the most current closing price.

Stock Return/Purchase Date Calculator for S&P 500

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