Portfolio of Dividend Income Stocks: Office REITs

The table and chart display dividend incomes for the last (trailing) year of dividends for 100 shares of each stock.

7 Office REITs

& Returns

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Dividend Income

Alexandria Real Estate EquitiesARE100.00$369.00
Boston PropertiesBXP100.00$294.00
Brandywine Realty TrustBDN100.00$72.00
Cousins PropertiesCUZ100.00$128.00
Highwoods PropertiesHIW100.00$200.00
Hudson Pacific PropertiesHPP100.00$37.50
Kilroy RealtyKRC100.00$162.00
Total Dividend Income is:$1,262.50
Dividend data from Alpha Vantage as of Dec-07-23.
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