Graphite Stocks Recent Returns

Here is a table of total returns displayed from highest to lowest for 14 graphite stocks traded os U.S stock exchanges. Returns are based on the last 100 daily closes from Alpha Vantage.

14 Graphite Stocks Recent Returns

Name & Symbol
& Monthly Returns

Price Chart
& Trendline

Recent Return
& Return Details

Canada Carbon (BRUZF)102.90%
Eagle Graphite (APMFF)12.99%
Ceylon Graphite Corp. (CYLYF)-15.68%
Northern Graphite (NGPHF)-22.02%
Graphite One Resources (GPHOF)-28.28%
Nouveau Monde Graphite (NMG)-28.29%
Green Battery Minerals (GBMIF)-29.17%
NextSource Materials (NSRCF)-31.85%
Mason Graphite (MGPHF)-34.00%
Leading Edge Materials2013 (LEMIF)-39.72%
Focus Graphite (FCSMF)-41.91%
Canada Strategic Metals (CJCFF)-45.51%
Westwater Resources (WWR)-50.00%
Gratomic (CBULF)-66.30%

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