Portfolio of Danelfin Daily Stock Rankings Powered by AI: Track Performance of September 12, 2023 Stocks

This script computes the current value of the portfolio of the 10 stocks that Danelfin posted on September 12, 2023 with the quote: "These are today's rankings based on our AI Score, which rates stocks every day from 1 to 10 according to the probability of beating the market in the next 3 months, analyzing +900 fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators."

A total of $10,000 was invested ($1,000 per stock).

The chart below shows the daily portfolio values based on the current daily closing prices of the 10 stocks from September 12, 2023 until the current daily close. All daily closing prices are from Alpha Vantage.

10 danelfin AI Powered Stocks September 12, 2023

Name & Return

& Snapshot

Mettler-Toledo International MTD
Icahn Enterprises L.P. IEP
Ulta Beauty ULTA
FMC Corporation FMC
Chewy CHWY
Insulet Corporation PODD
Sea Limited SE
SolarEdge Technologies SEDG
Ubiquiti UI
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The current value of the $10,000 investment is $10,170. The percent return is 1.70%.

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