Gold Penny Stocks Performance Guide: Table of Contents

Gold Penny Stocks Performance Guide: Table of Contents

Here are 135 gold penny stocks. The stocks come from OTC Markets Stocks Screener as of April 27, 2024.

Performance Table and Chart (A-Z)

1911 Gold Corp (AUMBF)

Abcourt Mines Inc B (ABMBF)

Aben Minerals Ltd (ABNAF)

Adamera Minerals Corp New (DDNFF)

Aether Global Innovation (AETHF)

All American Gold Corp (AAGC)

Allegiant Gold Ltd (AUXXF)

Amarc Resource Ltd (AXREF)

American Pacific Mng (USGDF)

Angkor Resources Corp (ANKOF)

Aris Mng Corp Wt 25 (CLGDF)

Arizona Gold & Silver Inc (AZASF)

Astra Exploration Inc (ATEPF)

Athena Gold Corporation (AHNR)

Badlands Res Inc (BDLNF)

Blackrock Silver Corp (BKRRF)

Bmex Gold Inc (MRIRF)

Bonterra Res Inc Ord (BONXF)

Brixton Metals Corp (BBBXF)

Brookmount Expls Inc (BMXI)

C2C Metals Corp (CTCGF)

Calibre Mining Corp Ord (CXBMF)

Callinex Mines Inc (CLLXF)

Canagold Res Ltd (CRCUF)

Candelaria Mining Crp Ord (CDELF)

Casa Minerals Inc (CASXF)

Chesapeake Gold Corp (CHPGF)

Cmx Gold & Silver Crp Ord (CXXMF)

Condor Gold Plc (CNDGF)

Defense Tech Intl Cp (DTII)

District Copper Corp (CAXPF)

Drdgold Ltd Ord (DRDGF)

Entree Resources Ltd. (ERLFF)

Euromax Resources Ltd (EOXFF)

Excellon Resources Inc (EXNRF)

First Nordic Metals Corp (FNMCF)

Flowery Gold Mns Of Nev (FLOD)

Forge Resources Corp (FRGGF)

Franklin Mining Inc (FMNJ)

Freegold Ventures Ltd (FGOVF)

Fremont Gold Ltd (FRERF)

Gabriel Res Ltd (GBRRF)

Galantas Gold Corp (GALKF)

Getchell Gold Corporation (GGLDF)

Gfg Resources Inc (GFGSF)

Global Gold Corp (GBGD)

Global Pole Trsion Gp (GPGC)

Gogold Resources Inc Ord (GLGDF)

Golconda Gold Ltd (GGGOF)

Gold Reserve Inc A New (GDRZF)

Goldsource Mines Inc (GXSFF)

Gr Silver Mng Ltd (GRSLF)

Grande Portage Ord (GPTRF)

Gungnir Resources Inc (ASWRF)

Guskin Gold Corp. (GKIN)

Hanstone Gold Corp (HANCF)

Harfang Expl Inc (HRFEF)

Heliostar Metals Ltd (HSTXF)

Highgold Mng Inc New (HGMIF)

Inception Mining Inc (IMII)

International Iconic Gold (MFMLF)

Joshua Gold Resources (JSHG)

Jupiter Gold Corp Ord (JUPGF)

Kore Mng Ltd (KOREF)

Lahontan Gold Corp (LGCXF)

Landbay Inc Class A (LNBY)

Liberty Gold Corp Ord (LGDTF)

Lion One Metals Ltd (LOMLF)

Lode-Star Mining Inc (LSMG)

Loncor Gold Inc (LONCF)

Luca Mining Corp. (LUCMF)

Lumina Gold Corp (LMGDF)

Majestic Gold Corp (MJGCF)

Mcewen Mining Inc Wt 24 (MQMNW)

Mene Inc Ord (MENEF)

Metallic Minerals Corp (MMNGF)

Mexican Gold Mng Corp (MEXGF)

Minaurum Gold Inc Ord (MMRGF)

Mineros Sa (MNSAF)

Mining Global Inc (MNGG)

Monarca Minerals Inc Ord (ORAGF)

Montage Gold Corp (MAUTF)

Multi-Metal Dev Ltd (MLYCF)

Nevada Canyon Gold Corp (NGLD)

Nextsource Materials Inc (NSRCF)

Northern Minerals & Expl (NMEX)

Nv Gold Corp (NVGLF)

Oceanagold Corp (OCANF)

Orezone Gold Corp (ORZCF)

Panther Minerals Inc (GLIOF)

Patagonia Gold Corp (HGLD)

Patriot Gold Corp (PGOL)

Peloton Minerals Corp (PMCCF)

Pinnacle Silver&Gold Corp (NRGOF)

Prospector Metals Corp (PMCOF)

Quartz Mountain Res (QZMRF)

Rangold & Expl Ord (RNDXF)

Rare Element Res Ltd (REEMF)

Regulus Res Inc (RGLSF)

Renforth Resources Inc (RFHRF)

Reno Gold Corp (RNGG)

Riverside Res Inc New (RVSDF)

Sailfish Royalty Corp (SROYF)

Serabi Gold Plc (SRBIF)

Sibanye Stillwater Ltd (SBYSF)

Sidney Resources Corp (SDRC)

Signal Gold Inc (SGNLF)

Silver One Resources Ord (SLVRF)

Silver Scott Mines Inc (SILS)

Solis Minerals Ltd (SLMFF)

Star Alliance Intl Corp (STAL)

Sterling Metals Corp (SAGGF)

Stllr Gold Inc (STLRF)

Strikepoint Gold Inc Ord (STKXF)

Sun Summit Minerals Corp (SMREF)

Tesoro Gold Ltd (TSORF)

Teuton Resources Corp (TEUTF)

Texas Mineral Resources (TMRC)

Theta Gold Mines Ltd (TGMGF)

Timberline Resources (TLRS)

Tincorp Metals Inc (TINFF)

Treasury Metals Inc (TSRMF)

Tristar Gold Inc Ord (TSGZF)

Troilus Gold Corp (CHXMF)

Troubadour Resources Inc (TROUF)

Troy Gold & Mineral Corp (TGMR)

Unigold Inc (UGDIF)

Velocity Minerals Ltd Ord (VLCJF)

Venzee Technologies Inc (VENZF)

Verde Resources Inc (VRDR)

West Vault Mining Inc. (WVMDF)

Western Expl Inc Vtg (WEXPF)

Westhaven Gold Corp (WTHVF)

Westmountain Gold (WMTN)

Zephyr Minerals Ltd Ord (ZPHYF)

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