Monthly Dividend-Paying Stocks

The 15 stocks in the following table pay dividends each month. Dividends are not adjusted for splits.

Monthly Dividend Stocks

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BlackRock Science and Technology Trust BST$3.00 (8.94%)
Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund CSQ$1.23 (8.22%)
DNP Select Income Fund DNP$0.78 (7.73%)
Gladstone Capital GLAD$0.99 (9.88%)
Gladstone Commercial GOOD$1.20 (9.35%)
John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund HTD$1.66 (8.23%)
LTC Properties LTC$2.28 (7.22%)
Main Street Capital MAIN$2.76 (6.52%)
Pembina Pipeline PBA$6.01 (19.48%)
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund PDI$2.65 (13.78%)
Realty Income Corp. O$3.07 (5.47%)
Reaves Utility Income Fund UTG$2.28 (8.60%)
Shaw Communications SJR$0.86 (3.01%)
STAG Industrial STAG$1.47 (4.00%)
Whitestone REIT WSR$0.48 (4.82%)
Dividend data from Alpha Vantage as of Sep-01-2023.
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Note: The annual dividend is computed by multiplying the latest monthly dividend by 12.

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