Exponential Decay Calculator and Chart Maker

The Exponential Decay Calculator evaluates the following continuous exponential decay function:


A(t) is the quantity at time t.

A0 is the initial quantity and is any real number ≠ 0.

r is the exponential decay rate expressed as a percent for each t time interval and r is < 0.

t is the total number of elapsed time intervals.

Maximum t through Chart Width (light gray/light yellow) are parameters for the chart of A(t) values.

Exponential Decay Calculator and Chart Maker
Enter data in three of the first four fields. The calculator solves the blank field.
Initial Quantity
Final Quantity (Must be < Initial Quantity)
Exponential Decay Rate (%):
Elapsed Time:
Maximum t:
Increment t Value:
Enter only numbers and decimal points in fields.

Computational Notes:

Initial Quantity calculation is:

Final Quantity calculation is:

Exponential Decay Rate calculation is:

Elapsed Time calculation is:

Half-life calculation is:

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