Crypto as a Scam (CryaaS): Table of Contents





Crypto Scams

Be Careful Investing in Crypto

Crypto Magical Thinking

Crypto Buy and Cry

Beware of Crypto Hype

Crypto Scams Abound

Crypto Hacks

Crypto Frauds

Crypto Charade

Crypto Greed

NFT Greedy Celebrities

dApp Scams

DeFi Scams

Crypto Stablecoins Aren't Always Stable

Crypto Can Hide Criminal Activity

Crypto Rug Pulls

Deceptive Crypto Projects

Deceptive Crypto White Papers

Get Rich Quick Scams

Crypto Has No Intrinsic Value

Are Smart Contracts Always Smart?

Problems with DAOs

Crypto Mining Consumes Lots of Electricity

Cryptos Created from Thin Air

Buying and Selling Crypto

Crypto Prices are Volatile

Crypto Encourages Speculation

Crypto Price Volatility Presents Trading Opportunities

Crypto Entices Suckers

HODL is Dangerous

Crypto Early Buyers Made Big Money

Crypto Late Buyers Lost Big Money

Crypto Price Bubbles Crash

Many Crypto Investors are Disenchanted

Beware of High-yield Crypto Staking

Too Many Cryptos

Many Crypto Buyers Follow the Crowd

Crypto Whales

Know Your Crypto Exchange

Add Dividend-paying Stocks to Crypto Purchases

Add S&P 500 Stocks to Crypto Purchases

Future of Crypto

Crypto Pros and Cons

Bitcoin Crazy Price Predictions

Bitcoin $1,000,000?

Bitcoin Is No Match for the Dollar

Is Bitcoin a Store of Value?

Is Crypto the Next Gold?

Are NFTs a Fad?

DeFi Versus Traditional Banks

Crypto Future Use Cases

How Many Future Crypto Projects?

Crypto Regulation is Coming Soon

Blockchain Technology is Legitimate

DAOs and Preppers

Preppers Believe in Bitcoin

Crypto Scams Buy & Sell Crypto Future of Crypto

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