The AI (ChatGPT) Bond Investing Handbook: Table of Contents



Getting Started with Bonds

Simple Explanation of a Bond

What is a Bond?

Why Own Bonds?

Can You Make Money with Bonds?

Can You Lose Money with Bonds?

Bond Advantages

Bond Disdvantages

Compare Returns of Bonds to Stocks

Bonds Versus CDs

Bond Market is Bigger than the Stock Market

Get to Know Jeffery Gundach

Types of Bonds

Not All Bonds Are the Same

Safest Type of Bond

Riskiest Type of Bond

High-Yield Corporate Bonds

Investment Grade Corporate Bonds

Municipal Bonds

U.S. Treasury Securities

Treasury Bills (T-bills)

Treasury Notes (T-notes)

Treasury Bonds (T-bonds)

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

Treasury STRIPS

Zero Coupon Bonds

Agency CMBS

Non-Agency CMBS

Agency RMBS

Non-Agency RMBS

Asset-Backed Security

Collateralized Loan Obligation

Buying and Selling Bonds

Getting Ready to Buy a Bond

Selecting a Safe Bond for Your First Bond Purchase

Where to Buy and Sell Bonds

How to Buy Bonds

How to Sell Bonds

Bond Ladder

Bond Primary Market Versus Secondary Market

How Bond Secondary Market Works

How to Buy and Sell Bonds on Secondary Market

How to Buy an Sell U.S. Treasuries on Secondary Market

Holding Bonds to Maturity

Selling Bonds Before Maturity

Reinvesting Bond Interest Payments

Trading Bonds for Short-term Gains

Buy and Sell Bonds with TreasuryDirect

Bond Exchange-traded ETFs

What is a Bond ETF?

Why Own a Bond ETF?

Bond ETF Versus Individual Bond

Bond ETF is Easy to Buy and Sell

Types of Bond ETFs

Popular Emerging Markets Bond ETF

Popular Long-term Bond ETF

Popular Short-term Bond ETF

Popular Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF

Popular Junk Bond ETF

Popular Mortgage Backed Security ETF

Popular Municipal Bond ETF

Popular Total Bond Market ETF

Popular Treasury ETFs

Target Maturity Bond ETF

Bond Mutual Funds

Bond ETFs Versus Bond Mutual Funds

Reasons to Avoid Bond Mutual Funds

Target Date Retirement Mutual Funds

Vanguard Bond Mutual Funds

Bond Terms

Bond Maturity

Coupon Payment

Coupon Rate

Face Value

Par Value

Yield to Maturity

Risks in Bond Investing

Bond Investing Risks

Bond Interest Rate Risk

Managing Bond Interest Rate Risk

Bond Duration Risk

Managing Bond Duration Risk

Bond Call Risk

Bond Credit Risk

Bond Default Risk

Bond Liquidity Risk

Bond Values

Bond Convexity

Bond Present Value

Macaulay Duration

Modified Macaulay Duration

Yield Curve

Inverted Yield Curve

Causes of Bond Price Fluctuations

Bond Trading at a Premium

Bond Trading at a Discount

Where to Find Bond Prices

Getting Started Bond Types Buy & Sell Bonds Bond ETFs Bond Mutual Funds Bond Terms Risks Values

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