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The AI (ChatGPT) Bond Investing Handbook: Preface

My wife, Karen Brockney, introduced me to ChatGPT in early January 2023. I gave it a try and after playing with it for a few days I was hooked. The bond handbook is the fourth collection of articles about investing.

The Table of Contents of this handbook includes 83 articles about bonds written exclusively by ChatGPT that are the result of my prompts. I have not made a single edit to any article; what you read is exclusively from ChatGPT.

During the development process, I did not keep articles that included incorrect information I carefully checked each article for accuracy before I accepted it, but I'm sure I missed some inaccurate information during my review. .

Karen helped me in the design and production of the handbook.

Go to for much more information about bonds, stocks and investing.

Enjoy reading the handbook.

Richard Howard and Karen Brockney

Our Bios

I, Richard Howard, am a retired college professor and technical writer. I taught computer programming, statistics and technical writing at Clark University in Worcester, MA and then worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a software writer. I have degrees from Iowa State University (B.S.), University of California at Berkeley (M.S.) and University of Massachusetts at Amherst (PhD). My primary areas of study were wood technology and forest management.

I began stock investing in 1978 and was an active trader from 1993 through 1999, when I earned my living trading stocks. Now I manage my stock portfolio (mostly dividend-paying stocks) and trade stocks occasionally.

I created and manage, a site about stocks and investing.

I, Karen Brockney, provide web design for, tech support and encouragement to my husband.

I am a retired minister, technical writer and e-communications director. I served United Church of Christ churches in Rhode Island and Massachusetts before working as a technical writer at various tech companies. My last job was Director of E-Communications at Andover Newton Theological School, my alma mater. I have degrees from Hartwick College (B.A. in French) and Andover Newton Theological School (M.Div).

I have enjoyed designing - and sometimes managing - web sites for non-profits. I'm fascinated by the way communication has changed so rapidly through social media apps and AI technologies. I enjoy keeping up with new technologies and finding new ways to engage our audience.

My main interests are photography, photo editing, and easy hikes in the woods. You can view my videos and photos on Instagram (@kbrockney) and tutorials on YouTube (@kbrockney).

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