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ChatGPT Writes Great Stock, Bond and Crypto Investing Articles

I, Richard Howard, have been writing about investing in stocks for for over twenty years. I used the traditional time-consuming writing method of researching, writing, editing and revising. Some articles took a few hours to write while others took several days. After my wife introduced me to ChatGPT in January 2023, I "wrote" a few stock investing articles using ChatGPT and I was hooked.

Since then I have compiled and posted over 400 articles using ChatGPT.

For each article or story I entered a prompt to ChatGPT and examined its response. If the response was accurate and complete, I accepted it without doing any edits. If I didn't like the response, I entered a modified response. This procedure resulted in a completed article in a few minutes. Most articles had around 200 words.

Posted March 7, 2023