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Prices and Dividends from Quandl

All prices and dividends used in our calculators, tools and sample portfolios come from Quandl. Currently, we have two subscriptions: SHARADAR Equity Prices (SEP) and OTC Markets Group.

SHARADAR Equity Prices (SEP) includes prices and dividends for stocks listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq. Prices start December 1998 or later. Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and indexes are not supported. Also, stocks traded on non-U.S. stock exchanges are not supported.

I have adjusted SEP stock closing prices for splits and dividends. These adjusted prices agree with adjusted prices included in downloadable .CSV files from Macrotrends, but they do not always agree with adjusted prices from Yahoo! Finance.

Dividends are adjusted for splits.

OTC Markets Group stock prices are adjusted for splits and dividends. Dividends are adjusted for splits. Prices start 2007 or later. Many calculators do not support these stocks.