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Portfolio of Dow Jones Utility Average Stocks (A-Z)

Here is a table of the 15 stocks in the Dow Jones Utility Average listed listed in alphabetical order.

Dow Jones Utilty Average Stocks (A-Z)
Dividend & Dividend Yield
1-Year Price Chart
American Electric Power Company
2.36 (3.51)%
AES Corporation
0.48 (4.29)%
American Water Works Company
1.50 (1.89)%
CenterPoint Energy
1.07 (3.88)%
Consolidated Edison
2.76 (3.50)%
Dominion Resources
3.02 (3.88)%
Duke Energy Corporation
3.42 (4.16)%
Edison International
2.17 (2.69)%
Exelon Corporation
1.31 (3.66)%
FirstEnergy Corporation
1.44 (4.58)%
NextEra Energy
3.93 (3.00)%
0.70 (2.91)%
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
1.96 (2.90)%
Public Service Enterprise Group
1.72 (3.89)%
Southern Company
2.24 (4.48)%
Dividend data from Yahoo! Finance as of Apr-22-2017. Click small charts (sparklines) to expand. * Uses 10 years or all years of dividends and prices, whichever is less.

Customize your own Portfolio of Dow Jones Utilty Average Stocks (A-Z) using stocks from the above table. See returns for specified combinations of stocks for specified durations.

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