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High-Yield Stocks (A-Z)

Each high-yield stock has dividend yield at or above six percent.

25 High-Yield Stocks
Stock & ChartsSymbolDividend (Yield)
AmeriGas Partners L.P.APU$3.68 (9.58%)
Annaly CapitalNLY$1.20 (12.63%)
Anworth Mortgage ANH$0.60 (14.08%)
Apollo Investment CorporationAINV$0.80 (13.31%)
Arbor Realty TrustABR$0.60 (9.17%)
Ares CapitalARCC$1.52 (9.77%)
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty TrustBPT$2.56 (9.60%)
Capstead MortgageCMO$2.41 (8.99%)
Dynex CapitalDX$1.04 (11.13%)
Enbridge Energy Partners L.P.EEP$2.02 (14.19%)
Ferrellgas Partners L.P.FGP$0.96 (16.00%)
Gladstone CapitalGLAD$2.33 (12.77%)
Gladstone CommercialGOOD$2.05 (12.86%)
Holly Energy Partners L.P.HEP$0.84 (9.73%)
Hospitality Properties TrustHPT$1.50 (10.49%)
MFA Mortgage Investments MFA$2.26 (8.72%)
North European Oil Royalty Trust Ctf Ben IntNRT$2.00 (8.48%)
NuStar Energy L.P.NS$1.00 (14.97%)
Oneok Partners L.P.OKS$0.55 (6.91%)
Prospect Capital CorporationPSEC$0.80 (12.60%)
Ship Finance InternationalSFL$0.18 (15.52%)
Suburban Propane L.P.SPH$0.92 (11.07%)
Terra Nitrogen Company L.P.TNH$4.38 (13.51%)
TICC Capital CorpTICC$3.16 (11.56%)
Vector GroupVGR$1.00 (16.47%)
Dividend data from Yahoo! Finance as of Feb-01-2016. See Dividend Charts.

Current value of portfolio is: $23,722. Assumes $10,000 investment equally allocated ($400.00) amoung all stocks.

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