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Useful Links to Dividend Information

Here are links to major sites that contain free dividend information that is helpful while researching dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend Stocks from Nasdaq shows current dividend yield, current price, annual dividend, ex-dividend date and dividend paid date for dividend-paying stocks listed on the Nasdaq. Data can be sorted.

Dividend Calendar from Nasdaq shows key dividend dates by ex-dividend date. See historical dividend data for selected stock symbols.

Dividend Income from S&P Dow Jones Indices includes information about the S&P Dividend Aristocrats family of indices, Select Dividend Indices, S&P Dividend Opportunities Series and S&P Dividend Income Indices.

Stock Scan: Dividend Stocks from the Wall Street Journal includes dividend information for best performing stocks, ETFs, dividend growth stocks and high-yield mutual funds.

High-Yield Stocks and Top Dividends from TheStreet lists dividend yields and ex dates.

Dividend ETF List from ETF Database displays a comprehensive table of ETFs that feature dividend stocks.


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