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Yield on Cost Calculator

Dividend yield (annual dividend divided by current price) is an important measure for investors interested in dividend-paying stocks. It helps investors compare yield and income received for different stocks and other asset classes.

As dividends grow over time, the yield on cost (annual dividend divided by original cost) measures the dividend yield of the original investment. When dividends increase with time, the yield on cost increases.

Use the Yield on Cost Calculator to compute the yield on cost for an investment given its buy price, annual dividend at purchase, the annual dividend growth rate and the number of years held.

Form Input

On the calculator form, enter only numbers (with or without decimal points).

Do not enter currency symbols like dollar signs, commas or percent signs.

Yield on Cost Calculator
Initial Stock Price per Share:
Initial Annual Dividend:
Annual Dividend Growth Rate:
Number of Years:
Initial Dividend Yield
Final Dividend
Final Yield on Cost

Computational Notes:

      Initial Dividend Yield = (Initial Annual Dividend / Initial Stock Price per Share) * 100

      Final Dividend = Initial Annual Dividend * (1 + AnnuaI Dividend Growth Rate / 100) ^ Number of Years

      Final Yield on Cost = (Final Dividend / Initial Stock Price per Share) * 100

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