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Dividend Growth Rate Calculator Help

Computations are based on dividends from Yahoo! Finance. The calculator uses the most current dividend and the first dividend in the stream of dividends to perform the return computations.

See Annualized Return for a description of this measure of return. The calculator uses the dates for the first and current dividends to calculate the annualized growth rate. If the time between the two dates does not equal one year, the annualized growth rate and the percent growth rate will not be the same.

The total percent growth rate is computed using the following formula:

($ value of current dividend - $ value of first dividend) / $ value of first dividend

Important Note: Occasionally a company pays special dividends in addition to their regular dividends. If such a special dividend were the current or first dividend in the Yahoo! Finance dividend database, the results from the calculator would be unrepresentative of results obtained using regular dividend payments. The calculator checks for special dividends and displays an alert message if it thinks it has detected a special dividend.

A percentage increase of a regular dividend of more than 50 percent would trigger the alert so check the actual dividends at Yahoo! Finance to determine if the dividend is a special or regular one.

Stock Symbol: Be sure to use Yahoo! Finance symbol naming conventions when you enter a stock symbol on the form. If you enter an invalid code, a No dividend data message is displayed.

Number of Dividends per Year: Enter 4 for a stock that pay dividends quarterly and enter 12 for a stock that pay dividends monthly. For a stock that pays dividends at irregular intervals, enter the number of dividends you want in the analysis and check the 1-Year button for Dividend Growth Period.

If you want to analyze a given number of dividends for any stock , enter the number and check the 1-Year button for Dividend Growth Period.