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Why is designed for the retail investor, who researches, designs and maintains his or her stock portfolio. The site describes investing techniques and technical tools that will help the committed retail investor make money in the stock market. is a free site. It includes dozens of stocks portfolios and many dividend calculators.

I, Richard A. Howard, write the content for My wife designed the site.

I am a retired college professor and technical writer. I taught computer programming and statistics at Clark University in Worcester, MA and then worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a software writer. I have degrees from Iowa State University (B.S.), University of California at Berkeley (M.S.) and University of Massachusetts at Amherst (PhD). My primary areas of study were wood technology and forest management.

I began stock investing in 1978 and was an active trader from 1993 through 1999, when I earned my living trading stocks. Now I manage my stock portfolio (mostly dividend-paying stocks) and trade stocks occasionally.

I do not recommend any stocks or sectors. The stocks included in the sample portfolios are representative of a sector or industry and are not recommendations.

Most of the price and dividend data used on the site are from Quandl.

For more information about the site, see Bios of Contributors.


Mobile buyupside at includes popular calculators and articles for your cell phone and tablet use.

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